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Low Investment Minimums Low Minimums Access premium hedge funds for as little as $10,000

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Online Hedge Fund Marketplace Sliced Investing connects accredited investors, financial advisors, and hedge fund managers with the goal of providing exclusive access to quality hedge funds. Learn more about our platform

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Curated, Exciting Investments We have decades of experience at some of the world's premier financial companies - we use this knowledge and our relationships to provide members with proven, pre-vetted funds. Learn more about our funds

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We're excited to bring hedge fund investing to a larger pool of qualified investors - we're just getting started.
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"Sliced’s attempt to make previously rarefied investment vehicles available to a larger, more normal group of people fits next to AngelList’s work to make angel investing easier to access."

Press and Media Mentions
We're excited to bring hedge fund investing to a larger pool of qualified investors - and we're just getting started.
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Online Hedge Fund Marketplace
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Secure & Private Downside Protection Hedge funds can provide risk-adjusted returns and reduce correlation

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