Hedge fund investing, simplified.

Access pre-vetted hedge funds at dramatically low minimums.

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A breakthrough way to access hedge fund investments.
We put the power at your fingertips with our intuitive investment dashboard.

What We DoSliced Investing makes investing in hedge funds accessible, simple, and transparent. We let investors pool their capital to meet the minimum investments of hedge funds.

How It WorksWe give accredited investors exclusive access to curated hedge fund investments that were previously difficult to access.

Getting StartedInvest with as little as $20,000. Sliced makes the investment process simple by facilitating payments, communication, tax information and more.

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Hedge fund investing for everyone.

Sliced Investing opens up the world of hedge funds to a broader class of accredited investors. Our intuitive investment dashboard makes it easy to diversify your portfolio.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what other people are saying about us.
Derik Pridmore

"Sliced Investing allows hedge fund managers to raise capital from an untapped market in a simplified and streamlined way. Sliced also enables individuals to access investment strategies that were previously unavailable to them." Derik Pridmore, Investor & Former Portfolio Manager, Clarium Capital

Zach Brock

"Sliced brings the convenience and transparency of online management to a whole new asset class. It's invaluable to be able to diversify into alternatives at such low minimums." Zach Brock, Engineering Manager, Square

Tech Crunch

"Sliced’s attempt to make previously rarefied investment vehicles available to a larger, more normal group of people fits next to AngelList’s work to make angel investing easier to access." Tech Crunch Read Full Article →

Sasha Orloff

"Technology can do quite a few amazing things, from bringing transparency and control to the rest of us at a whim. Sliced Investing does just that, and then unlocks a new asset class to the rest of us that was previously only available to a select few." Sasha Orloff, Co-founder & CEO, LendUp

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There's a reason that the largest institutional finance managers diversify with hedge funds. Sliced Investing lets you do it too.

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A talented team of investors and mentors.
We've surrounded ourselves with the best in the business.
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