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Who We Are

Sliced Investing makes investing in hedge funds accessible, simple, and transparent. Accredited investors can pool their capital through our cloud based platform to meet the minimum investments of hedge funds.

How it Works

Sliced Investing gives accredited investors exclusive access to curated hedge fund investments that were previously difficult to access. Accredited investors can browse and screen available investments. See How It Works.

Getting Started

Invest with as little as $20,000. Sliced streamlines all administrative, operational and educational processes to make the investment process simple. We facilitate payments, communication, tax information and more.

A breakthrough way to access, analyze and track hedge fund investments.

We put the power at your fingertips with our clean and intuitive investment dashboard. It’s never been simpler to invest in hedge funds.

Transparency every step of the way

We believe hedge fund investing should be a transparent process. The era of opaque and exclusive back-room deals is over. Technology is eliminating the need to pay for an expensive middleman. You know what we know, and our interests are aligned with investors.

Simplicity is our goal

Private funds can be complicated. Luckily for you, we understand them. We help simplify the investment process by summarizing key fund information and relaying only the meaningful data points. Check out our learning tools to find out more about private fund investments.

How It Works

We take the time to get the process right, a refreshing take on hedge fund investing.

Create an Account
A Sliced membership is free and gives accredited investors access to exclusive pre-vetted hedge funds. After you sign up, we will verify your accreditation status and then allow you to access the platform.
Select an Investment
Once approved, Sliced members can browse and learn about hedge fund opportunities. When investors find a suitable investment, they can 'commit' to the fund (which subsequently invests into multiple hedge funds).
Finalize your Investment
In order to finalize your investment, a certain threshold of capital must be raised by multiple investors. Once the threshold on the commitments is reached, we will notify you about the legal paperwork and transfer of capital into the fund.
You're Invested
Our next-gen analytics platform and user interface allows you to understand and track your investments effectively. Sliced’s Investor dashboard is designed to help keep you on top of your private fund investments. Never miss a subscription or redemption deadline again.

Built by technology and investing enthusiasts, for investors of all walks of life

Mike Furlong

Founder & CEO

Mike brings rich trading and business development experience to Sliced from Citi and Twilio. At Citi, Mike sat on the market leading Municipal Bonds trading desk, where he saw billions of dollars of daily deal flow from hedge fund clients. At Twilio, he was solely responsible for bringing in over $2 million in expected lifetime sales spread across over 200 clients. Mike holds a BBA in Finance from Emory University.

Akhil Lodha

Founder, CTO & CIO

Akhil brings deep engineering and data science expertise from Citi and Motif Investing. At Citi, Akhil helped develop a cutting-edge Automated Options Trading system providing real-time prices for 600,000 options. At Motif, Akhil was part of a team building investment products that enabled idea based investing. He holds an MS in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon and a BS in Computer Science from IIT, Bombay.

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