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Access pre-vetted hedge funds for as low as $20,000.

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A breakthrough way to access hedge fund investments.
We put the power at your fingertips with our intuitive investment dashboard.

TechCrunch SimplicityInvesting in hedge funds has never been easier. Sliced’s platform is intuitive and gives you the tools to make the right hedge fund investments.

TechCrunch ExclusivityWe give accredited investors exclusive access to curated hedge fund investments that were previously difficult to access.

TechCrunch AffordabilityInvest with as little as $20,000. By automating previously manual processes, we are able to offer dramatically lower fees.

TechCrunch ResearchSliced Investing has resources for education and aims to give investors transparency on individual investments and on the industry as a whole.

TechCrunch SecurityWe use 128-bit encryption to secure data and employ the most rigorous industry practices to ensure your investments are safe.

TechCrunch AutomatedWe automate the completion of legal documents, payments, communication, tax information and more.

A better way to invest in private funds

Sliced Investing opens up the world of hedge funds to a broader segment of accredited investors. Our investment dashboard provides seamless access to hedge fund investments.

Don't just take our word for it- our users say it best.
Derik Pridmore

"Sliced enables individuals to access investment strategies that were previously unavailable to them. Sliced brings institutional asset allocation within the reaches of individual investors." Derik Pridmore Investor & Former Portfolio Manager, Clarium Capital

Zach Brock

"Sliced brings the convenience and transparency of online management to a whole new asset class. It's invaluable to be able to diversify into alternatives at such low minimums." Zach Brock Engineering Manager, Square

Ting Huang

"Eager to see what happens next at Sliced, and great to finally have hedge fund exposure! A clean, sleek experience from start to finish. Looking forward to future investing opportunities. The management and team did a excellent job in keeping close connections to investors and providing support. It's a big plus!" Ting Huang Software Engineer, Amazon

Sasha Orloff

"Technology can do quite a few amazing things, from bringing transparency and control to the rest of us at a whim. Sliced Investing does just that, and then unlocks a new asset class to the rest of us that was previously only available to a select few." Sasha Orloff Co-founder & CEO, LendUp

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There's a reason that the largest institutional finance managers diversify with hedge funds. Sliced Investing lets you do it too.

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Are you a fund manager looking to raise capital?

Sliced Investing offers hedge fund managers unparalleled access to a completely new pool of accredited investors.

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